This article provides a list of free Aura Trade indicators with explanations

Our free indicators are analytical algorithms, the data of which are of introductory nature and help in independent analysis

How to add indicators?

Click on the link under the desired version (links under the names)

Wait a few seconds, refresh the page if you are using the web version, or restart the app

Step 1

Step 2

Scroll down the page and add the indicator to your favorites.

Step 3

Step 4

Go to the chart, open the "Indicators" section -> "Favorites" tab -> and select the added indicator, after which it will appear on the chart
If the indicator is not displayed in the favorites - wait a bit and repeat step


Trade Vision Indicator

Trade Vision is a technical analysis software tool developed by the Aura Trade team, designed to indicate the possible direction of the asset price and help in trading

Indicator capabilities:

Algorithm analyzes asset movements 24/7 and alerts you to potential trades by indicating signal tags to open a Long or Short (buy or sell) position.


Bottom Finder

The indicator displays when the price is at a local or global bottom



Displays the psychological state of the market


Auto Patterns

Auto Patterns is an interactive indicator that displays chart and candlestick patterns.



This script combines 3 well-known oscillator indicators such as RSI , Stochastic and MACD.


Buyer Seller

Indicator that displays the strength of buyers and sellers at the moment, relative to the selected Timeframe. Works on intraday TFs.


Golden Cross

An indicator showing the crossovers of two moving averages: 50 EMA (colored line) and 200 EMA (gray line), the crossovers are marked with orange arrows.



An indicator that helps to determine the potential future direction of price. It analyzes the volumes of purchases and sales, compares the dynamics of volume changes and price dynamics and automatically looks for divergences (discrepancies) between these indicators.

Divergences (for example, the price is rising, but the strength of buyers is decreasing) are potential signals for a trend reversal in a certain direction (bullish divergence - upward reversal, bearish - downward reversal). The indicator marks them with green and red lines respectively.

An example of a bearish divergence:

An example of a bullish divergence:

The indicator also searches for hidden divergences, you can learn more by opening the indicator settings menu and hovering the cursor over the corresponding symbol:

The indicator is applicable on any trading pairs (with available volume data) and timeframes. It works best on TF 5m and 15m



Aura Trade indicators are not financial advice and are not a "dough button". They are tools of technical analysis, which are assistants in trading, but you make all decisions on your own!

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